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VARISTA is a platform for efficient machine learning.
It not only builds models automatically, but also manages projects, models, and data in a smart way.
If you have the data, you can start building models in minutes, which not only increases the efficiency of trial and error, but also increases the speed of communication as you can share the project with your team members.
Machine Learning
Model building is just a click of a button from your browser. VARISTA will then automatically build the machine learning model using a variety of algorithms.
Experiment Management
If you want to try different parameters, you can easily manage your experiments by keeping a history of the models you have built in the past.
No environment setup required
No environment is required to build models. You can use the same environment from anywhere as long as you have a browser.
Since it is managed per project, you can quickly respond to any data or model changes you want to make.
Data Prep
Data Editor
Allows you to look at the data and process it without having to type Pandas or other code.
Data management
Data management is managed on a project-by-project basis, which can be cumbersome. The model also keeps a history of the data used for training, which can be viewed after the model is built.
Just upload your data and you can visualize it immediately. There is no need to write code when you just want to quickly see the distribution and correlation.
Quick View
You don't need to write any code to see the summary of the data because it is also displayed with one click.
Use case of Machine Learning
By using machine learning, tasks that used to be done by feel or by people can be made more reproducible and
more efficient.
Lead Scoring
Lifetime Value Prediction
Churn Prediction
Personalized Promotions
You can try it right away!
We have prepared a tutorial to help you try out VARISTA right away.
Please take a look and give it a try.
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