Creating a model

Creating a model

2021.02.26 (Fri)


In this section, we will explain the steps to create a machine learning model on VARISTA.
It is assumed that the data has already been uploaded.

Create a new model

Sidebar ' Modeling

to go to the Modeling screen.
! [VARISTA Documents Model 1](// Documents_Model_1.png)

  • Model Tab: Displays a list of models. The +New Model button allows you to create a new model.
  • Template Tab: Manage the templates used for model training.
    See Templates for details.

When you get to the modeling screen, select the +New Model button on the right side of the screen.
! [VARISTA Documents Model 2](// Documents_Model_2.png)

The Create New Model screen will be displayed. The settings for each are as follows

  • Data: Specify the data to be used for model training.
  • Columns to predict: Specify the target variables.
  • template: Specify the template to be used for model training.
  • Model Name: Specify the model name. (If left blank, it will be used automatically)

! [VARISTA Documents Model 3](// Documents_Model_3.png)

This time, set the following and select Create.
The Template will use the XGBoost Regressor provided with VARISTA.

  • Data: train.csv
  • Columns to predict: SalePrice
  • Template: XGBoost Regressor
  • Model name: Blank (auto-set)

! [VARISTA Documents Model 4](// Documents_Model_4.png)

The model training will start, so wait a moment for it to complete.
Click on ! [VARISTA Documents Model 5](// Documents_Model_5.png)

When the model creation is complete, you will see a report screen as shown below.
To learn more about the report screen, please refer to Model Report Screen here.
! [VARISTA Documents Model 6](// Documents_Model_6.png)

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