Uploading Data

Uploading Data

2021.02.26 (Fri)

To upload data to VARISTA, choose Data while in any project.

Side menu › Data
VARISTA Documents Data Upload 1

When you select data, you will be taken to the Data Management screen.
This screen allows you to add or delete data and view a summary of the data.

To add data, select Add Data in the upper left corner of the data list.
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When you select Add Data, the Add Data panel will appear and you can either select a file or drag and drop a file to upload it.
VARISTA Documents Data Upload 3

You can upload multiple files at once, up to 10 files at a time.
VARISTA Documents Data Upload 4

VARISTA analyzes the contents of the uploaded files, so when the file upload is complete, it will move to the analysis status and wait for a while to complete.
The analysis is done in the background, so you can move to another screen or log out without any problem.
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