Added sample projects and product tours


VARISTA Update SampleProject 001

Sample Project

We have added a sample project so that you can experience the process of creating a model immediately after registering with VARISTA.
Currently, there are two sample projects: one is a model for predicting the number of survivors of the Titanic, which is also used by Kaggle, and the other is a model for predicting housing prices.

More sample projects will be added in the future.

Product Tour

After registering with VARISTA, we have added a new feature that allows you to experience the process from project creation to model creation in a tutorial format.

Bug Fixes

  • Learning Templates: Fixed an issue where the Ensemble cross-validation setting had an empty default value.
  • Training Template: Fixed an issue where Auto Selection would show a Single model when saved with only one model.
  • Model Reports: Fixed an issue where some values in metrics were different.
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