Added the ability to display the optimization history of hyperparameters and fixed minor bugs.


VARISTA Update AutoTune 001

Show hyperparameter optimization history

You can now see the history of your hyperparameter optimization attempts.
All methods available in VARISTA (Grid Search, Randomized Search, Hyperopt and Optina) are supported.
You can see the hyperparameters and scores for each round of optimization in a chart, which is useful for interpreting the model.

For more information, please refer to this document.
AutoTune Settings

Bug fix.

  • Fixed the problem of a single thread during parameter auto-tuning.
  • Fixed a problem where metrics could not be specified for Single model during training.
  • Fixed a bug in the data upload screen of the project creation wizard where analysis would not complete if there were errors in the data.
  • Minor UI adjustments
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